How to Choose the Right Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Sea buckthorn berry oil is the ultimate tissue healer.  It is used externally to even skin tone and texture, as well as to improve skin issues, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.  It reduces the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and boosting collagen production.  The high concentration of the rare Omega 7 and Vitamin A intensely moisturize and encourage cell turnover for bright, clear, healthy skin and improved wound healing.

But sea buckthorn berry oil is not just for external use.  It is excellent for all tissues and is particularly useful for gastrointestinal health.  The Omega 7 soothes inflammation and lubricates the gastrointestinal tract to ease pain and irritation and improve waste removal.  Studies have shown that sea buckthorn oil is very effective in supporting people with stomach ulcers as well as soothing irritation caused by alcohol and medications.  The high level of Vitamin A helps build strong bones, protects eyesight, prevents kidney stones and boosts immunity. Learn more about sea buckthorn and omega-7 here.

To experience all these benefits, it is important to choose the right sea buckthorn berry oil.  There are many choices on the market and not all of them are comparable.  There are a few important features you should look for when choosing a sea buckthorn berry oil product.

Omega-7 Content

It is important to find sea buckthorn berry oil with the highest level of Omega-7.  The amount of omega-7 in the berry oil varies widely depending on where the berries were harvested.  The label on the product should indicate the percentage.  The best sea buckthorn berry oil on the market contains a minimum of 30% omega-7.  If the values are lower, it could be because it is made from inferior sea buckthorn or because the product has been diluted with other oils.  The majority of sea buckthorn’s omega-7 content is found in the berry, so the seed oil is no substitute.  Therefore, look for berry oils with high omega-7 content, at least 30%, as stated above.

Certified Organic

When looking for sea buckthorn berry oil, you want the purest product possible.  Therefore, you want to make sure it is free of pesticides or any other adulterants that may damage the berry oil (and make it less potent) or subject you to unwanted pollutants.  Although there are no known genetically-modified forms of sea buckthorn, buying organic guarantees that this will not be a problem in the future.  When buying organic, you want to look for the USDA-certified organic seal.  While there are other certifying agencies, none are as respected or held to the high standards that the USDA must comply with.  Currently, there are only a few USDA-certified organic sea buckthorn berry oil products on the market.


Himalayan sea buckthorn oil is the best quality sea buckthorn oil in terms of the amount of essential fatty acids and other nutrients.  Sea buckthorn has developed its unique and highly potent combination of vitamins and minerals due to its environment.  The harsh, cold, dry and inhospitable climate of the Himalayan plateaus has forced sea buckthorn to develop vast stores of nutrients, allowing it to live and prosper in this area.  Sea buckthorn from other areas (including India, Canada and Russia) have lower levels of essential fatty acids, such as omega-7, than the Himalayan variety.

Certified Kosher

Kosher certification provides another level of scrutiny that guarantees that the sea buckthorn oil is pure and of top quality.  While not as important as being certified organic or having a high omega-7 content, certified kosher is the icing on the cake that the berry oil you’re purchasing is clean.


Finally, you must consider the price for the sea buckthorn berry oil.  There is a great disparity in price for sea buckthorn oil in the market.  Some products are overpriced, some are too good to be true, but many seem to be a good deal.  It is important to look carefully at these products.  Many are priced lower because they are a blend of mostly inexpensive vegetable oils with a little sea buckthorn oil mixed in.   We have recently seen some very inexpensive sea buckthorn oil (supposedly from Russia) online that are not pure sea buckthorn oil.  So choose wisely; read the reviews before you buy.

We have an excellent sea buckthorn oil comparison page here that breaks down the various brands.  Also, be sure to check out our guide on how to choose the right Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, which is coming soon.

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