Which is Better for the Skin: Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil or Berry Oil?

Many people are confused about whether sea buckthorn seed oil or berry oil should be used for skin, hair and nail health. Both oils are extracted from the sea buckthorn berry, so they will share many similarities when it comes to health benefits, but they do contain numerous different nutrients.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil for SkinIs sea buckthorn seed oil good for the skin?  The short answer is YES.  Seed oil contains high levels of vitamin E, omega 3 and 6, which are all good nutrients for skin health.  However, one crucial nutrient that makes sea buckthorn such an excellent tissue healer is lacking in the seed oil.  We are talking about the rare omega-7.  Sea buckthorn seed oil contains very little of it.  Read more on the rare Omega-7.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil for SkinSea buckthorn berry oil contains the most omega-7 fatty acid.   Almost all the omega-7 sea buckthorn contains is found in the berry oil.  Research has shown that omega-7 is a powerful tissue healer when used topically or internally.  When used internally, it also aids the gastrointestinal track to soothe acid reflux and stomach ulcers, as well as support urinary track health.  High quality sea buckthorn berry oil can contain up to 30% – 35% of omega-7.   Find out more about sea buckthorn berry oil and its benefits.

So what is sea buckthorn seed oil good for?  Seed oil is an excellent immunity booster to support white blood cell count.  It is also good for cardiovascular, liver and brain health.  Find out more about sea buckthorn seed oil and its benefits.

In summary, sea buckthorn seed oil is good for the skin, but not as good as the berry oil.  Some people are concerned about the orange color of the berry oil, afraid that it will stain their skin.  As a topical treatment, this should not be a big issue.  Sea buckthorn berry oil gets its orange color from very high levels of beta-carotene (think carrots), which is an antioxidant and also good for the skin.  When used topically, berry oil does not permanently change the skin color; the color usually goes away after 10 to 20 minutes and can also be washed away.  As a bonus, sea buckthorn berry oil costs much less than the seed oil.

Learn more about sea buckthorn and skin health.

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