A Brief Primer on Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

For many hundreds of years, inhabitants of the Sea Buckthorn’s native habitat have used oil squeezed from its berries to revitalize their skin and even to help wounds heal. Today, people all over the world can buy Sea Buckthorn berry oil and find out just how effective it is. All-natural, perfectly safe, and providing a multitude of additional health benefits, this oil more than lives up to the current popularity that it enjoys.

When studying the benefits of berry oil and looking to purchase it, be careful not to confuse it with Sea Buckthorn seed oil, which contains provides different benefits to the body

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Skin Benefits

Sea Buckthorn berry oil contains a wealth of the nutrients, proteins, and essential fatty acids that make skin healthy and strong. When applied directly to the skin, the oil prevents the development of wrinkles and has an anti-aging effect on its appearance. Best of all, when the oil is absorbed into the skin it does not cause drying like many moisturizing products and lotions do. It also partially shields the skin’s surface from the sun’s UV rays, acting as a low-level sunblock. Be careful when applying berry oil to the skin, though—its high concentration of carotenoids can discolor the skin with a light orange tint if it is used heavily. Learn more about sea buckthorn support for skin and beauty by clicking here.

Acne and skin diseases are notoriously difficult to treat, and many frustrated people resort to simply concealing unsightly blemishes with excessive makeup or other quick fixes. These techniques lead to even more problems later on, however, and do nothing to help the situation. Sea Buckthorn berry oil carries anti-inflammatory agents that reduce disease, plus large quantities of skin-nourishing vitamins that promote good health. Read about Dr. Oz’s sea buckthorn recommendation for Acne.

Wound Repair

One of the most fascinating abilities of Sea Buckthorn berry oil is its power to accelerate wound repair. All kinds of skin damage, from cuts to burns to radiation burns, heal more quickly when treated with the oil, and many clinics have begun using it as a regular treatment because of its reliability and safety. Because the oil is so full of concentrated vitamins that enhance skin growth, it provides a perfect environment for scars and burns to get back to normal as fast as possible. Click here to learn more about sea buckthorn’s tissue healing properties.

Weight Loss

Rumors are flying thick and fast about the ability of Sea Buckthorn berry oil to prevent weight gain. In studying the many known benefits of using the oil, researchers discovered that mice who were given berry oil gained no weight at all, even when they were fed a high-fat diet. Now, the pressure is on for scientists to continue their research, determining whether the essential fatty acids in the oil are capable of programming the brain to discard unnecessary fat rather than store it. On Dr. Oz’s June 2011 sea buckthorn segment, he recommended the berry for managing weight and dieting.

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