Dr. Oz Recommends Sea Buckthorn for Preventing Constipation and Supporting Healthy Digestion

Are you constipated?  Sea buckthorn is what the doctor ordered.  Dr. Oz on his wildly popular sea buckthorn segment ‘Sea Buckthorn:  The Miracle Berry’, suggested supplementing with sea buckthorn oil to prevent and relieve constipation.  This was one section of his three-part segment where he also featured sea buckthorn for weight loss and skin care.

On the show, which aired June 2nd, 2011, Dr. Oz discussed how constipation can be caused by a dry intestinal tract.  Sea buckthorn has an array of essential omega fatty acids, including the rare Omega 7, which is known for coating the intestinal tract and lubricating the mucous membranes ensuring healthy digestion.  A well-lubricated intestinal tract supports quick and easy bowel movements, essentially what is missing when you’re constipated.  During the airing Dr. Oz featured a tube stuffed up with fruit and food items, replicating a constipated individual with stoppage in his intestines.  He tilted it up and the food items stuck in place.  Then he poured down sea buckthorn oil which, within a minute, had coated most of the tubes surface and released the food from its jam. Read more about sea buckthorn’s awesome omega-7 content here.

This is important considering all the negative effects constipation can have on your life.  It can lead to serious health problems!  Bacteria builds up in the intestines and the digestive system becomes unhealthy.  As the waste hardens it irritates the intestinal pores and becomes even more lodged in place.  It can make you feel lethargic and bloated.  Constipation is no joke and sea buckthorn is an excellent, all natural, Dr. Oz recommended way to ensure healthy bowel movements.

Dr. Oz specifically recommended taking one 500mg soft gel of sea buckthorn a day.  We feel much more can, and should, be ingested for optimal health.  You can even drink the oils straight which is the traditional way of supplementing with the oil and allows it to begin working on the mouth lining, gums, esophagus, and so on all the way through the body.  Soft-gels won’t digest until the stomach acids get to them. Learn more about the various sea buckthorn products forms available here.

Outside of constipation, sea buckthorn has a variety of health benefits.  It’s a strong anti-inflammatory, besides a skin and mucous membrane healer, making it ideal for ulcers.  In fact, it is well documented for ulcers.  We’ve even read testimonials on the internet of individuals using it as a solution for ulcers in the colon, leading us to believe much more than the intestinal tract is nourished when you supplement with sea buckthorn oil.  It starts nourishing and working all the way from the point of entry, from our mouth, gums, and teeth, all the way to the colon!  What a wonderful supplement! Read further about using sea buckthorn to relieve ulcers here.


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