Sea Buckthorn and Dry Eye Relief

If you suffer from Dry Eyes, there’s help for you.  Sea Buckthorn can help ease the symptoms of dry eyes, like burning and the sandy-gritty eye irritation that gets worse as the day goes on. Symptoms may also be described as itchy, scratchy, stingy or tired eyes. Other symptoms are pain, redness, a pulling sensation, and pressure behind the eye. There may be a feeling that something, such as a speck of dirt, is in the eye. The resultant damage to the eye surface increases discomfort and sensitivity to bright light. It has been shown that using Sea buckthorn can stimulate eyes natural lubrication response
and greatly relieve these symptoms. In September, 2011, the Dr. Oz website again featured Sea Buckthorn’s benefits in a blog post by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD regarding Sjogren’s disease, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks the tear and salivary glands and generally results in widespread dryness in the body.  It can also result in difficulty breathing and problems with digestive and bowel function. He says that dry eyes and mouth, symptoms of a condition called Sicca syndrome, is common not only in Sjogren’s but also in Fibromyalgia and in normal life. Although artificial tears and saliva are helpful, natural treatments can also help stimulate your natural lubrication. Just as oils are lubricants in your car, they can also assist lubrication in your body. Sea Buckthorn oil is especially important for dry eyes. Read about sea buckthorn for Sjogren’s Syndrome here and how it can relieve Fibromyalgia here.

Soothing lubrication

Dr. Teitelbaum’s post explained that Sea Buckthorn oil is rich in a special essential fatty acid, Omega-7, and how this remarkable and little-known nutrient is very helpful at improving lubrication throughout the body – including tears, saliva, bowel protection and vaginal dryness. Learn more about sea buckthorn’s omega-7 content here.

Yes this is true!  In a study performed by the University of Turku in Finland, one-hundred 20-to 75 year old participants found that after using Sea Buckthorn oil for three months found their symptoms greatly reduced in redness and discomfort.  Researchers stated that evaporative dry eye is associated with meibomian gland dysfunction and abnormalities of the tear film lipids. Dry eye is known to be affected positively by intake of EFA’s such as linoleic and γ-linoleic acids and n-3 fatty acids. Oral sea buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides) (SB) oil, which contains linoleic and α-linoleic acids and antioxidants, has shown beneficial effects on dry eye. They also noted that sea buckthorn oil is a rich source of vitamins C and E, and that these antioxidants may protect the eye from oxidative damage.  Daily supplements of the oil for three months also produced improvements in symptoms for contact lens wearers, according to findings published in the Journal of Nutrition.

Obviously, the benefits of Sea Buckthorn are tremendous.  Daily use will not only improve the discomfort of dry eyes, but will also provide a number of healthful benefits such as beautiful skin and nails and improved immune system efficiency.  We recommend this wonderful oil and use it every day. For more information on sea buckthorn for every day well being, click here.


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Larmo PS. Oral Sea Buckthorn Oil Attenuates Tear Film Osmolarity and Symptoms in Individuals with Dry Eye. Journal of Nutrition. 16 June 2010. Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.3945/jn.109.118901.

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