Sea Buckthorn: An All-Natural Inflammation Fighter?

Sea Buckthorn is commonly being touted as a miracle berry, a Dr. Oz-endorsed dietary supplement that may change every user’s life for the better. And the fact is, as scientific evidence accumulates, evidence suggests that this berry may indeed have healing qualities related to the skin, cancer prevention and treatment, prevention of macular degeneration (gradual loss of eyesight), and other maladies. One particular benefit that scientists have identified is inflammation. Use of Sea Buckthorn as a dietary supplement or herbal remedy may indeed support your body’s fight against inflammation. As we understand the benefits of this remedy, we must first understand what causes inflammation, its relation to mast cells, how this supplement may help, and the unique qualities that make this nutritional powerhouse attractive to holistic dieters everywhere.

What Causes Inflammation?

To understand what causes inflammation in your body, the key term to remember is CRP, or C-reactive protein. It is produced by your liver. Body experts know all about C-reactive protein: the level of CRP in your body is a benchmark indicator of the amount of inflammation you are dealing with.

What causes that CRP to increase? A huge variety of causes may contribute to inflammation. Often, muscle inflammation is caused by injury, trauma, or damage to your body’s cellular makeup. Inflammation is a defensive reaction, surrounding the injury with healing fluid, and reacting with autoimmune responses to heal your body. It is a part of your body’s magnificent natural healing system. Unfortunately for many of us, however, constant inflammation is a burden.

Mast Cells: The Key to Inflammation?

Mast cells are like microscopic hand grenades. These little weapons are cooked up in your bone marrow, primed naturally, and launched at injuries in the event of a problem. What happens when that mast cell grenade goes off? An explosion of chemicals start the healing process; including chemicals that trigger your body’s defense against injury: inflammation.

How does this all relate to Sea Buckthorn? Scientists have theorized that mast cells, inflammation, your mucous membranes, ligaments and other connective tissue all function with enormous interdependence, like a computer network. And Sea Buckthorn is known traditionally to benefit skin condition, mucous conditions, and inflammation. Click here to learn more about what sea buckthorn can do for your skin ailments.

Nutritional Qualities in Sea Buckthorn That Combat Inflammation

Sea Buckthorn is an object of some fascination to nutritional scientists: it is uniquely dense with a variety of nutrients, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids. That includes carotene, omega-3, -6, -7, -8, and -9; high concentrations of Vitamins C and E; and free radical-busting flavonoid antioxidants. Vitamins C and E, as well as those carotenoids, are known inflammation fighters.

C-reactive protein, mast cells, flavonoids, antioxidants—all these strange sounding, chemical terms come together to explain how Sea Buckthorn may stir a nutritional New Wave in the United States. Already a traditional remedy in the East and in Europe, this miracle berry’s uniquely dense properties may contribute to America’s fight against inflammation. Either way, this supplement is loaded with high amounts of naturally occurring nutrients that promote long term, total body health. Read more about how sea buckthorn can improve your overall wellbeing.

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