Sea Buckthorn: Healthy, Radiant, Shiny Hair from an All-Natural Fruit Oil

One of our most important physical features is our hair.  Our hair follows us through the generations and directly affects our self-esteem and overall happiness. We’ve found many testimonials of people who enjoy using Sea Buckthorn to soothe the skin and encourage healthy hair growth. Now more than a few cosmetics companies are incorporating the fruit into hair oils, conditioners and shampoos claiming that it conditions and protects, leaving hair silky and strong, also detangling, shining and smoothing even the most damaged hair.  Let’s examine why this superfood is currently in high demand in the hair care industry.

Sea Buckthorn Hair Benefits

Many health and cosmetic companies are adding Sea Buckthorn oil to their products in order to harness the plant’s high volume of Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 and the necessary vitamins A, C, D, B, E & K to promote healthy skin and hair. The oils and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids contained in Sea Buckthorn are reported to improve overall hair health and lend itself to a healthy and natural-looking shine.  In addition, preliminary trials seem to indicate a correlation between the use of sea buckthorn and a reduction in the onset of premature hair loss. Current reports on Sea Buckthorn benefits on the scalp and hair have noted its success in:

  • Building good cells on your scalp
  • Killing the demodex mite
  • Cleaning out the hair follicles
  • Aiding in hair elasticity
  • Maintaining moisture in the hair shaft where it is needed
  • Protecting cuticle of hair shaft

Chinese scientists, in 2009, discovered a human demodex parasite that lives off skin and hair follicles, causing problems ranging from rosacea, hair loss and premature grayness, to enlarged pores and acne. The parasites were found to feed off the nutrients from the skin. The oil kills the parasites that are believed to be the cause of some major hair loss and, in conjunction with the oils restorative properties, should lead to better hair growth. In 2010, sea buckthorn was featured on The View for hair, skin, and nails.

Sea Buckthorn History

Legends about Sea Buckthorn tell us how the ancient Greeks used it in a diet for race horses, hence it’s botanical name “Hippophae” – shiny horse. According to another legend, Sea Buckthorn leaves were the preferable food of flying horse – Pegasus. The Tibetan medical classic-the rGyud Bzi (The Four Books of Pharmacopoeia), completed during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), has 36 chapters, which had recorded the prescriptions for curing the diseases of blood circulation systems, skin wound, anti-inflammation and strengthen and coordinate the balance of functions among liver, stomach, spleen, kidney and heart. Read more about the legends surrounding the sea buckthorn berry.

Sea Buckthorn Usage

Sea Buckthorn is said to be a natural way of promoting hair growth. When applied directly, the rich nutrients and proteins saturate the scalp and stimulate hair follicles. What results is less dry and damaged hair.

Sea Buckthorn Other Uses

Traditionally, Sea Buckthorn oil is widely used to promote the recovery of various skin conditions, including eczema, burns, and bad healing wounds, skin damaging effects of sun, therapeutic radiation treatment and cosmetic laser surgery. The preparations from the berries are also utilized to prevent gum bleeding, to help recuperate mucous membranes of the stomach and other organs. Cosmetics and skin care products made of Sea Buckthorn are valued for their rejuvenating, restorative and anti-aging action. Click here for information on sea buckthorn for everyday skin care.

How we are viewed by the world is very important to many of us, and our hair plays an important role in that. It could be an emotional strain to struggle with thinning or unhealthy hair.  Natural methods that assist hair growth and support the overall health of our hair, like Sea Buckthorn oil, could be a safer method than commercial, chemical-based products. The oil can typically be found as a shampoo or conditioner but there are also supplements available to help with hair growth.


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