Is Palmitic Acid in Sea Buckthorn Safe for me?

The short Answer is a Definite Yes. So what is all the fuss about? 

A study was conducted which tested the effect of isolated Palmitic acid. It showed that isolated palmitic acid could lower LDL (good cholesterol) sensitivity which could cause heart problems. It showed that palmitic acid can disrupt the signaling of insulin which could cause problems for diabetics. The problem with this reasoning is that palmitic acid is only bad when it is isolated, meaning existing by itself. Furthermore, this study was not conducted to test the safety of palmitic acid in food or supplements, particularly Sea buckthorn. So what’s really going on?

Understanding How Palmitic Acid works In The Body

Palmitic acid is almost never found alone in nature, especially in food or supplements. When it is combined with other elements it is neutralized or harmless. Oleic acid (also known as omega-9), even just a fraction of a milligram, will neutralize any potential issue caused by palmitic acid. Even more interesting is the fact that the human liver naturally balances out levels of palmitic acid if for some reason the level became much too high and modifies it into omega 7. In nature, you cannot have one without the other.

There is another product that is high in palmitic acid on the market today. It actually has about the same percentage of palmitic as sea buckthorn. You may have heard of it, it’s called olive oil! There are hundreds of studies that show olive oil is good for your heart health and lowering cholesterol. Both olive oil and Sea Buckthorn oil contain high levels of omega-9 as well as palmitic acid, making them well balanced source of omegas.

 Misleading claims about Purity

Another claim is that the only way to get a source of Omega 7 that is safe is through “purified” oils particularly from fish sources. The term purified makes it sound better, especially for the environmentally conscious or health conscious consumer. If most people knew the truth about the purification process, they would see that it is not a natural process and can even leave contaminates in the final product. This particular process uses a bleaching method and also uses high temperatures which actually damage the very oils that are being produced. This complicated process can actually even change the nutrient profile of the oil. Sea buckthorn is all natural, plant based and good for the environment and has a lot more vitamins and nutrients than a pure fish oil pill can have. There are over 200 studies on the benefits of sea buckthorn oil and only one study on fish based omegas.

 Confusing Consumers with Ingredients Lists

Another interesting argument against palmitic acid from Sea buckthorn is that it is an ingredient in Napalm. This is actually true. That is certainly a shocking statement. However, in order to take this concern seriously, one must consider a few other shocking facts. Hydrogen is in baking soda, which we use to brush our teeth, clean our homes and make cookies but it is also the element that is used to create hydrogen bombs, yes, nuclear weapons. Another interesting example is Zinc, which like palmitic Acid, is something the human body needs to stay in balance is used as an ingredient in industrial solvents, metals and paints. Palmitic acid is something the conscious consumer they may have gotten from their local health food store, since the saponified version of palmitic acid is even permitted in organic certified products as a natural additive.

 Don’t believe everything you hear

The real information regarding palmitic acid is most definitely out there but it does take some patience to wade through. The overwhelming notion from doctors, chemists and even popular health food writers show us that the claims about Sea buckthorn not standing up as a valid nutritional source of omega 7 are not founded in logic or science outside of a lab setting.

Besides all the scientific information out there, let’s not forget the simple fact that people have been using sea buckthorn oil for thousands of years! It seems very unlikely that a remedy that is unsafe or ineffective would survive for centuries throughout many different cultures. Don’t believe the hype! Educate yourself about the benefits of this wonderful, natural product!


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