Clinical Sea Buckthorn Study Offers Impressive Results in Skin Care

The latest sea buckthorn study was conducted with a sea buckthorn infused facial cream. The results, as expected, are staggering for skin care and beauty!  (More about sea buckthorn for skin and beauty here.)

Highlights include:

  • Increased skin hydration.  96% of women claim their skin was more hydrated after 14 days, and 100% after 28 days.
  • Decrease in brown spots and hyper-pigmentation.  Up to 79% decrease in total area of spots and pigment discolorations.
  • Reduced fine lines and pore size.  87% reported fine line reduction and 83% reduced pore size.
  • 91% of women felt their skin appeared more youthful.  Sea buckthorn is already known for anti-aging and this helps confirm it even further.
  • 90% of women felt their skin was smoother, more even, and radiant.  Sea buckthorn is known for increasing one’s ‘glow’.
  • 100% of women reported softer and more supple skin after 1 month.

Many of these reports offer the same indications sea buckthorn has been getting for over a thousand years.  It’s known as a beauty berry that can keep you young from the inside out. Modern trials and studies are furthering our knowledge of sea buckthorn and reinforcing the anti-aging and beauty claims known to Eastern Asians for centuries.

These results were released by Mont Echo Naturel’s, a sea buckthorn company out of Canada, who conducted a clinical study with a sea buckthorn infused facial cream.

Reference:  Spin Control North America (Subsidiary of Spin Control France). EVALUATION OF THE ANTI-AGING EFFICACY OF A CONCEPT OF FIVE NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. 2012 [cited 2012 June 19].


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