Sea Buckthorn: What is it, what are benefits?

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Originally published on  05/09/2013

Some months ago I wrote briefly about sea buckthorn. After writing the article I did more in-depth research. The more I probed, the more intrigued I became.Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is a berry producing deciduous shrub that originated in the Himalayas. The berries, seeds and leaves all have health benefits.

Sea buckthorn takes between three and five years to bear fruit and I wanted to give it a try without waiting that long. Besides, what if it turned out to be all hype like so many others that have come and gone over the years. With that objective in mind I began looking for a quality producer of the supplements. There are many different supplemental forms of sea buckthorn and I wanted a reputable supplier who had all or at least most, so I could evaluate them myself. Real life, in vivo, first person results mean more to me than studies done on lab animals.

Following is a partial list of the health benefits attributed to sea buckthorn. Plus, I’ve included one of the things I’ve found doing my own, first person research.

Clinical tests and studies have shown sea buckthorn to be effective in the areas of: skin care, treating fibrosis of the liver, cardiovascular health, inflammation, hair re-growth, joint pain, blood platelet aggregation, atherosclerosis, diabetes, is an extremely potent antioxidant, detoxifies the body and more.

When I was a tweeny/teenager, my diet was the same as my parents and they were sugar junkies. Acne was an ever present problem, especially just under my jawbone. Finally, I’ve found a combination that makes my skin smooth and takes the sting out of shaving, not like an after shave but by making the razor glide more easily over the skin.I’d tried coconut oil in the past and it helped. I tried sea buckthorn oil and it was better. A combination of the two works best. It seemed it would be even more advantageous if the combination soaked in, so I experimented with transdermal absorption. DMSO worked but I was looking for a natural delivery system. Sweet basil essential oil works best. The following mixture also works to reduce wrinkles.

Combine equal parts, three or four drops each, of the three components. If the temperature is below 75 degrees F, you’ll have to warm the coconut oil to make it liquid. Add a few drops of water and mix everything together and apply to the entire face, avoiding contact with the eyes. All essential oils are very powerful. If your skin is dehydrated, what’s better than water for rehydration? You”ll find your skin smoother, less wrinkled and there will be less razor burn almost immediately. Shave as usual. I use a blade razor and don’t know if it improves an electric razor shave.

Larry R. Miller has been a freelance writer, worldwide health and fitness information source since 1982.

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