Tips on Growing Sea buckthorn in the Northeastern US

Originally posted May 24th, 2014  by Wanda Lyapin
My first harvest
If you are looking for an attractive edible plant for a dry site, then I would like to suggest the Sea buckthorn bush. The berries of this bush are just loaded with vitamins and healthy minerals. These bushes are easy to grow, and you could collect a large harvest even with minimal effort. Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) belongs to the family Elaeagnaceae. Members of this family have root nodules which house nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which is why Sea buckthorns can thrive in poor soils.


The thorny bush has beautiful, slender, silver leaves and its bearing branches on female plants are completely covered with bright, yellow-orange, small berries at the end of summer and in early fall.

Sea buckthorn is dioecious plant, meaning some of the plants are males and some are females.

Sea buckthorn female flower consists of young leaves, calyx and carpel
Sea buckthorn male flower consists of young leaves, sepals and stamens
Sea buckthorn male leaves/flower buds are bigger than female buds
This plant has its origin in Asia: modern day China and Eastern Russia. Nowadays, it is cultivated from Pacific region of Russia and China to Northern Europe. Many cultivars are adapted to different European and Asian climates.
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