Sea Buckthorn Skincare Products – What Should You Look For?

Sea buckthorn oil is well known for skincare. It can rejuvenate, nourish, heal, repair, reduce inflammation, soothe, and beautify our body’s largest and most visible organ. Just apply the oil, let it absorb, and enjoy renewed, radiant, youthful skin! This is a cherished beauty secret in select parts of Asia and has been for thousands of years.

Today sea buckthorn oil can be found in many skincare products. This segment is growing rapidly due to sea buckthorn’s recent popularity in the United States. There are a few sea buckthorn skincare brands available, such as SeabuckWonders and SiBu, that specialize in sea buckthorn. There are also several larger skincare manufacturers that are starting to offer sea buckthorn in a couple of their products, such as Aubrey and Weleda.

With all the products available, how does one know where to start? Well you can always start with sea buckthorn oil! We’re a big fan of using the pure oil if you can. If you prefer skincare formulas make sure to read into each product carefully! They are not all created equal!

Amount of Sea Buckthorn

Hand with Sea Buckthorn OilThe more sea buckthorn the better results. Period. The big manufacturers are splashing some sea buckthorn into their current lotion formulations to catch some of the action. These products are not specialized, nor are they idealized, to give the best benefits. The sea buckthorn specialty manufacturers have a lot more experience with sea buckthorn for the skin and know the oil. Even they vary in the amount of sea buckthorn provided. Check the labels, read the company websites, and get a feel for their formulation. If they aren’t striving to jam as much sea buckthorn in there as possible, move on. The results are in the sea buckthorn.

Quality of Sea Buckthorn

Here’s another area of vary amongst manufacturers. Sea buckthorn can be found mainly in Asia, Russia, Europe, and Canada. The quality and nutritional profile from these sources varies widely. Sea buckthorn from the Himalayan mountains is generally considered top notch with high levels of Omega-7 fatty acids – the rare omega responsible for such amazing skin results! Outside of the geographical consideration, find yourself some USDA organic sea buckthorn. You only want the best being absorbed into your skin, right? If it’s USDA organic it’s also non-GMO! Lastly, be sure to find sea buckthorn with the highest Omega-7 content you can. As said before, Omega-7 is responsible for many of sea buckthorn’s cherished results.


Look for the Leaping Bunny cruelty-free logo and certification. It is the most thorough and involved process ensuring no animals are harmed at any phase of product development. There are other cruelty-free designations such as PETA’s bunny however they’re more or less a ‘taken for word’ certification. The Leaping Bunny program conducts independent audits and requires paperwork starting from the ingredient supplier all the way through to the company with their finished products.

Natural Ingredients

Last but not least, make sure your skincare product contains only natural ingredients. It’s not uncommon for skincare to have ‘odd’ ingredients that may make the finshed product look attractive while compromising on what can really be considered natural. If it sounds unnattural it probably deserves a Google search. Granted, some ingredients are natural and well accepted in the natural product’s industry and don’t sound clean. That’s why it’s important to do your research.

Sea Buckthorn Skincare Products Checklist

  • High concentration of sea buckthorn
  • USDA organic sea buckthorn with high levels of Omega-7
  • Cruelty-free certification, preferably Leaping Bunny
  • Natural ingredients accepted in the industry
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